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Verlorenvlei is one of the most important estuarine systems in the Western Cape and one of the largest natural wetlands along the west coast of South Africa. It is also one of the few coastal fresh water lakes in the country. The system comprises a coastal lake and reedswamp connected to the sea by a small estuary. Situated amid dramatic topography, the lake is approximately 13.5 km long and 1.4 km wide and occurs in the zone of transition between the karroid and fynbos vegetation types. This results in the region displaying a high species diversity typical of an ecotone area. (RAMSAR)

Proposed tungsten/molybdenum mine in Moutonshoek Valley
As existing residents probably know, the ecologically-sensitive Verlorenvlei could soon be under threat from a proposed mining operation in the Moutonshoek Valley (the source of the Vlei’s water).  Watch this space for news on the latest developments or sign up to be on the mailing list.


FOR: 06/03/2015