There has been a long silence because after we submitted our objections the DMR took several months to convene a RMDEC meeting to discuss the 3rd Bongani Prospecting Right application.

The meeting was finally held on 28 July 2010. The Verlorenvlei Coalition were not allowed to make submissions, despite a mammoth task in preparing a wonderful Powerpoint Presentation and repeated appeals to the DMR to present our objections. Very disappointing.

It was assumed that the RMDEC meeting would then make a recommendation to the Minister. We were awaiting the outcome and were very confident of a favourable result, given the fact that the Bongani Application was fatally flawed, that the application was very similar to the recent Winelands Tin Prospecting Application that was set aside by the Director General of the DMR as being entirely inappropriate in a high intensity farming area, recent
positive legal Judgements that were relevant to our cause and the Minister of the DMR`s moratorium on further PR and MR applications to investigate the 26 000 applications since 2004 for irregularities.


Instead the Western Cape DMR “invited” the four landowners in the Application area to a meeting with Bongani on 6 October to “discuss the Prospecting plan revision” and “the way forward”. This meeting would be chaired by the Western Cape Regional Manager, Mr Sivuyile Mpakane (see ‘Meeting invitation’ document). This seems very sinister and looks like a thinly veiled attempt by the DMR and Bongani to cut some deal with the landowners to sell the VC and the other thousands of objectors downstream.


However, after intervention from legal counsel representing some of the landowners, the meeting was mysteriously cancelled and the DMR professed their independence as regulator (see ‘Meeting cancelled’ document).

PLEASE familiarise yourselves with the contents of the VC and other objections on this website and prepare for further activities should this breach of procedure by the DMR and Bongani take another unprecedented turn. It looks like we have to gear ourselves for massive resistance.

Relevant downloadable documents:

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3 Responses to “Developments in the NEW Riviera PR Application”

  1. craig says:

    I’ve stopped paying my property rates until I’m guaranteed that my lifestyle will not be affected by the potentially disastrous open caste mine.
    I strongly suggest all property owners in the valley and Elands bay do the same.
    If Bongani get’s his way,he must be compelled to expropriate/buy out all landowners properties affected (to any degree) by the mine if landowner’s so desire!!!

    Can anybody comment on this?

  2. craig says:

    To add: he must buy/ expropriate at market and above market related prices!!!! (if land owners like myself so desire)

  3. Minet Visser says:

    Good luck, and even if I’m not there physically will try and help resist where possible. You guys are very brave, thank you.

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