Proposed prospecting Map

Proposed prospecting area showing drainage lines and planned boreholes. Click on image to view larger version.

The Verlorenvlei Coalition has been dedicated in their resistance to the third prospecting application in the Verlorenvlei catchment area, made by Bongani Minerals earlier this year. Thank you to everyone who submitted their objection to the application and who commented on our website.

The Department of Mineral Resources apparently received hundreds of formal objections. There was a long waiting period when the relevant commenting authorities reviewed our objections, culminating in a Regional Mining Development and Environmental Committee meeting (RMDEC), which was finally held on 28 July 2010.

Based on the application, the objections and the presentations made at this meeting, the Western Cape Regional Manager of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has apparently now made his recommendation to the national office of the DMR, which is still in a position to overrule such recommendation. We do not yet know what the regional manager’s recommendations are. Despite our repeated requests to present our objections at the RMDEC meeting, the RMDEC secretariat elected not to allow either the applicant (BonganiMinerals) or the objector(s), which include the Verlorenvlei Coalition, to present their submissions.

Find here two downloadable comments to the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) from the Verlorenvlei Coalition (one relating mainly to financial provision), with supporting documents from two affected landowners and two senior geologists.

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