WWF Nedbank Green Trust


Who We Are

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust is a funding organisation that supports programmes with a strong community-based conservation focus.
The Trust was co-founded by Nedbank and the world’s largest independent conservation organisation, World Wide Fund South Africa (WWF-SA) in 1990, with the aim to bring together conversation and community development in order to promote the ideal of people living and working in harmony with one another and the environment.During its early years, the WWF Nedbank Green Trust focused on funding community-based conservation projects such as Food & Trees for Africa, Abalimi, and food gardens. Over the years, its focus has broadened to include the conservation of species under threat and investments in innovative and catalytic projects that can expand from community to national programmes.The WWF Nedbank Green Trust currently funds a number of programmes and projects in the following focus areas: Marine, Freshwater, Land Stewardship and Species of special concern as well as Climate Change, Environmental Leadership Development and Community Engagement.These programmes and projects aim at protecting wild places, achieving environmental sustainability and ensuring the long-term integrity of species and people that inhabit our natural systems.The Trust is funded through the Nedbank Green Affinity Programme, which has so far helped raise more than R170 million to support over 200 diverse conservation projects throughout South Africa.Latest WWF Panda Pulse – please click on the link: Celebrating our future environmental leaders