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LEAPS is a registered animal welfare organisation tending to the needs of animals in the townships of Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay up the West Coast.

Our team consists of 3 women, and 2 local township men, all of whom personally tend to township animals in need. We are all volunteers entirely dependent on donations in order to tend to the animals. Instead of simply asking for money, we believe in working for our donations by arranging entertaining fundraising events where our donors can enjoy themselves and at the same time get to know who we are and what we do purely for the love for animals.

Our aim is to educate pet owners to better care for their pets. We are constantly fund raising to assist with the medical needs of the animals, particularly with regard to mass sterilisations, feeding programmes and providing shelter.

To date, we have spayed over 800 animals in Lamberts Bay and Elands Bay combined, as well as assisting other surrounding towns with medical assistance and manpower for spayathons in their areas. We have also been involved in education programmes for school children aimed at better caring for their pets.

Many people ask, “What do we need?” To be honest, we need just about anything you can think of for an animal; food, food and food, blankets, shelters, money for medicine and veterinary assistance, money to hopefully buy or build a permanent structure from where we can work in the township, money to hopefully one day purchase a motor vehicle to transport the sick animals to the vet, and so we could carry on indefinitely…

Our motto is simple: EVERY BIT COUNTS! It is quite amazing how far you can make R10 go when you need to. If you would like to make a donation to our very worthy cause, our banking details are:

Nedbank Current Account
Account number 12321 44525
Branch Code: 123209
Ref: Your name

Thank you for taking the time to hear about us and the work we do. Should you have any queries, please contact Jolene on 082 447 8866.

Lamberts and Elands Animal Protection Services
NPO 069-863

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