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We will once again submit a collated report on behalf of the entire Coalition, and with input from all interested members. Please don’t underestimate the value of each individual voice. Many Coalition members have also registered directly with Withers Environmental Consultants ( as interested and affected parties (IAPs) and will lodge their comments directly with the consultancy by 21 August 2009. Ideally please cc comments to Kerry Kruger (

The Final Scoping Report (FSR) is a large tome – here are some guidelines to navigating your way through the appendices:

  1. Appendix 2b The DME 25 June letter (dated 24 June) outlines the terms of reference for the Final Scoping Report. It also includes comments from other government authorities. It is very useful to read the FSR against the 30 point-task list presented by the DME.
  2. The Comment Response Table provides all of us a unique oppportunity to read the wide variety of salient comments on the Draft Scoping Report, many of which were made by highly qualified individuals. Please take the time to read it if you are able.  If you find errors or omissions in respect of your own comments or find the responses inadequate please write to the consultant accordingly and make sure that your letter also reaches the Verlorenvlei Coalition and all Government Departments courtesy of Kerry Kruger.
  3. Appendix 17 The Venmyn Rand (Concept) Report, which was not included in the Draft Scoping Report. It contains crucial information about the mine design and scheduling of the proposed tungsten mine, giving significant insight into its potential viability.


We thank you for your support!

The Verlorenvlei Coalition

Additional information-

Email from Aubrey Withers, of Withers Environmental Consultants – to IAPS (Interested and Affected Parties).  Dated 20 July 2009:

Subject: Riviera Tungsten IAPs 2

Dear IAPs

We herewith inform you that the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) have requested that the Riviera Draft Scoping Report previously reviewed by you needed to be revised to a Final Scoping Report and that you should again be given the opportunity of reviewing its changes.  Any further comments can be submitted to our office by 21 August 2009.

We also provide you with the Table of comments and responses regarding the DSR.

Please note that copies of the report have been placed at the following venues:

  • Cape Town Reference Library : Queen Victoria Street
  • Piketberg Library
  • Berg River Offices in Piketberg
  • Elands Bay Library (next to Post Office)

A copy of the report will also be provided to the Verlorenvallei Coalition.  Another copy will be made availible to the Krom Antoniesrivier Valley property owners.  Such reports will be delivered tomorrow 21 July 2009.

The full report will be able to be reviewed on our new website as of Wednesday 22 July 2009 at the following address:

Kind regards

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